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IMAGINE Photogrammetry Example Data Miscellaneous/Other 6/15/2016 933.0 MB
Example data for use with IMAGINE Photogrammetry 2016, IMAGINE Photogrammetry 2015, IMAGINE Photogrammetry 2014, LPS 2013 and LPS 2011.
Global DEM Data Miscellaneous/Other 1/8/2015 1.5 GB
This is a 7.5 arc-second version of the Global Multi-resolution Terrain Elevation Data 2010 (GMTED2010) reformatted and further edited to meet the needs of ERDAS IMAGINE applications.
ERDAS IMAGINE 2013 Geodatabase support Miscellaneous/Other 12/10/2012 701.0 MB
This is the full released product, and includes ArcGIS Engine Runtime 10.1 and ERDAS IMAGINE Geodatabase Support 10.1. This download is not needed if ArcGIS is installed. ERDAS IMAGINE 2013 is a prerequisite.
ERDAS Foundation 2011 Miscellaneous/Other 12/20/2010 1.0 GB
ERDAS Foundation 2011 is a full released product that installs common-use large files and utilities. It is a prerequisite for most “ERDAS” 2011 products and includes a copy of the ERDAS-Net License Manager 2011.
ERDAS IMAGINE 2011 Geodatabase Support Miscellaneous/Other 12/18/2010 295.0 MB
This is the full released product and is not needed if ArcGIS is installed. If you do not have ArcGIS installed but wish to connect to an ESRI Geodatabase, install this. ERDAS IMAGINE 2011 is a prerequisite.