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GeoMedia WebMap Publisher 2022 Full Product 10/21/2021 131.0 MB
GeoMedia WebMap Publisher 2022, an add-on product for GeoMedia 2022, is for GeoMedia WebMap users to publish their maps, portals, and services remotely to GeoMedia WebMap servers.
GeoMedia Smart Client 2022 Update 1 Full Product 5/17/2022 474.0 MB
GeoMedia Smart Client 2022 Update 1 is a full release product, and includes all three tiers of GeoMedia Smart Client 2022, as well as Workflow Manager.
GeoMedia Smart Client 2022 Full Product 10/21/2021 474.0 MB
All three tiers of GeoMedia Smart Client are contained in this full installer, as well as Workflow Manager. Use GeoMedia Smart Client to easily create and deploy highly-focused geospatial business workflows.
GeoMedia Smart Client 2020 Full Product 1/24/2022 474.0 MB
The GeoMedia Smart Client 2020 Update 4 platform is a full release product that ships as a single installer
Geospatial mTransformer 2018 Full Product 10/2/2018 149.0 MB
The mTransformer is an application for generating the 3D Map Tiles and 3D Objects for streaming over the web and viewed in the Geospatial Portal
Mobile MapWorks 2016 Full Product 6/14/2016 142.0 MB
This is a full release product. To evaluate the server component, please contact your sales representative or regional partner.