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Sentinel-2 Data Hotfix Patch 1/13/2017 1.0 MB
Sentinel-2 Data Hotfix
ORIMA 2016 Patch Patch 11/1/2016 1.0 MB
Hotfix repairs CAP-A failure with ORIMA DP-TE/GPS license.
ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 V16.1 for PeruSAT-1 Hotfix Patch 5/23/2017 1.0 MB
Hotfix provides both the ability to directly read PeruSAT-1 imagery in its native DIMAP v2 format and also to orthorectify the data using the RPC information provided with the data.
ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 v16.1 Cumulative Hotfix Patch 9/1/2017 2.0 MB
ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 v16.1 Cumulative Hotfix.docx
Sentinel-2 USGS Data Hotfix Patch 5/26/2017 1.0 MB
This hotfix provides updated Sentinel-2 SAFE raster format support to read all currently known variants of Sentinel-2 Level 1C imagery delivered by ESA and USGS.