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Geospatial Licensing 2022 Full Product 10/21/2021 136.0 MB
Geospatial Licensing 2022 is the license manager for Hexagon Geospatial 2022 software.
Geospatial Licensing 2020 Full Product 10/21/2019 136.0 MB
Geospatial Licensing 2020 is the license manager for Hexagon Geospatial 2020 software.
M.App X 16.6 Full Product 12/20/2019 7.8 GB
M.App X provides tools to exploit imagery and create imagery-derived information products and reports, deployed in an enterprise platform for System Integrators.
M.App X 16.5.2 Full Product 6/28/2019 2.9 GB
The M.App X 16.5.2 is a full install which includes a new user experience plus many minor improvements and bug fixes.
Geospatial License Administrator 2018 Full Product 11/26/2018 133.0 MB
Geospatial Licensing 2018, a full installer, installs all components of the license manager for Hexagon Geospatial 2018 software.
Intergraph License Administrator 2016 Full Product 6/14/2016 113.0 MB
Intergraph® Licensing 2016 installs the license manager for most Hexagon Geospatial 2016 software. (Included in ERDAS® Foundation 2016 and ImageStation® 2016 downloads.)
GeoSpatial Data Pipe Full Product 6/3/2012 4.0 MB
The GeoSpatial DataPipe commands generate an object space and data dictionary for input to Dynamo or a tagged feature file.