Geospatial Portal 2018


Release Date: Thursday, March 1, 2018

IMPORTANT: Before upgrading, read product details concerning the prevention of Geospatial Portal configuration loss when upgrading from version 2015.


Geospatial Portal 2018 is a full-featured, configurable and customizable thin client application that can be used for finding, viewing, querying, analyzing, and consuming geospatial data published by Hexagon Geospatial products and/or other standards-based web services. The portal can be accessed by multiple users via web browsers, as it is installed and configured on a web application server.


Geospatial Portal 2018 is a full release product.



  • Geospatial Licensing Administrator 2018


Install Instructions

  • View the Installation Guide


Selected Highlights

  • Multiple data sources integrated into a single map view that can be easily navigated.

  • Vector and raster features display with feature information and tooltips, now available also for  Consumer layout of Geospatial Portal.

  • Comprehensive tools for querying and analysis of geospatial data available for complex, sophisticated solutions in Geospatial Portal.

  • Feature information, quick browser based printing, basic measurements and location feature in Consumer layout of Geospatial Portal.

  • Thematic legend with automatic classification and coloring.

  • Plugin-free 3D vector data display using GeoMedia WebMap services, accompanied by 3D measurements, shadows analyses and even ad-hoc 2D data extrusion to build 3D cities in seconds.

  • Display of underground features and first-person perspective viewing in 3D.


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