Geospatial mTransformer 2018

Version: 16.5.0111.00204

Release Date: Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The mTransformer is an application for generating the 3D Map Tiles and 3D Objects. With the mTransformer GUI, building of realistic 3D environments has become easy and intuitive like never before. The mTransformer converts the input data - DEM (Digital Elevation Model), orthophotos and/or 3D objects - into 3D Map Tiles and/or 3D Objects suitable for streaming over the web and viewed in the Geospatial Portal & Consumer Portal that are available in WebGIS products (GeoMedia WebMap and Geospatial Portal).


  • GeoMedia WebMap 2018 Update 1 and/or Geospatial Portal 2018 Update 1 (or newer) must be installed to display 3D Objects & 3D Map Tiles generated with this version of mTransformer.

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