GeoMedia WebMap 2016

Version: 16(v16.00.0000.00013)

Release Date: Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Important! Read this before upgrading to 2016.

The GeoMedia WebMap 2016 platform is a full release product that ships as a single installer.  It enables users to easily create web map applications that provide sophisticated web-based visualization and analysis. During installation, you will have the option to select one of three tiered packages: Essentials, Advantage or Professional.  Once installed, you can utilize the configuration wizard to change from one tier to another based on licensed products.

Intergraph Licensing 2016

Highlights include:

  • High-performance web services and integrated web client application for publishing, viewing, analyzing, capturing and updating of the geospatial data, all instantiable just with a simple click of a mouse using the configuration tools.
  • Modernized server with improved map labelling experience
  • 3D vector data display over the Web, including features’ highlighting and attribute data display via tooltips, sunlight and shadows visualization as well as on demand dynamic data extrusion based on the selected attribute values to enable 3rd dimension over standard 2D data.
  • Display of underground features and first person perspective in 3D view


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