GeoMedia Smart Client 2015 SP 3

Version: 15.03.0000.00008

Release Date: Monday, December 5, 2016

The GeoMedia Smart Client 2015 SP3 is a full install, which includes all features of GeoMedia Smart Client 2015 and a number of fixes.

Upgrade instructions:

  1. Backup your GeoMedia Smart Client customizations (Workflows, themes, scripts, plugins, dll’s)
  2. Stop services
    1. IIS
    2. Intergraph TileService
  3. Repair your existing GeoMedia Smart Client, if you applied any hotfixes manually.
  4. Uninstall GeoMedia Smart Client.
  5. Cleanup the installation directory so that only your customizations exist.
  6. Delete existing language packs at ‘..\GeoMedia SmartClient\Program\jars\resources’
  7. Install GeoMedia Smart Client 2015 SP3
  8. Our partners will be able to download the new signed language packs for GMSC 2015.3 by using our localization workflow. For more information, please click here.

Intergraph Licensing 2015

Highlights include:

  • Update of the Java certificate
  • Improved memory handling in case of integrated workflows
  • Solves JRE 8u102+ related Workflow interaction issues with GeoMedia Smart Client
For information on licensing, please click here

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