PRO600 2020 for MicroStation Connect


Release Date: Friday, December 18, 2020

PRO600 2020 CONNECT Edition is an integrated suite of software applications from Hexagon’s  Geospatial division that optimizes MicroStation and OpenCities Map Advanced/ Ultimate  for photogrammetric vector data collection and editing. PRO600 is composed of two products: PROCART and PRODTM. 

PROCART, which provides the core functionality, lets you organize your MicroStation design files in a project-based manner by using a project management utility. PROCART optimizes data collection through its feature code library where you can set up default definitions for the various features you will collect in the project. The fully integrated collection modes allow you to easily create complex features. Several data editing and visualization tools complement those of MicroStation to help you generate the finished product. 

PRODTM provides a variety of tools for terrain modeling including importing terrain datasets into MicroStation design files, converting design files from 2-D to 3-D, and continuous interpolation from terrain data. 

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  • ERDAS IMAGINE 2020 Update 2 64-bit (does not need to be licensed) 
  • Either one of the following: 
  •          + MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 14 (  
  •          + OpenCities Map advanced (OpenCities Map CONNECT Edition Update 6)  
  •          + OpenCities Map Ultimate (OpenCities Map Enterprise CONNECT Edition Update 6).  


Installation Instructions 

  • View the Installation Guide 


Selected Highlights 

  • Supports MicroStation and OpenCities Map CONNECT editions. 
  • Provides full 64-bit Support. 
  • New ribbon user interface. 
  • PROCART provides extensive feature-coding and cartographic presentation tools. 
  • Using PROCART, you can display imagery in both the Bentley product viewers and IMAGINE Photogrammetry Stereo-based viewers. 
  • PRODTM allows the merging of MicroStation design file data into an IMAGINE Photogrammetry terrain dataset along with sophisticated breakline and polygon flattening features. 



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