Linux License Server Instructions

Version: 5

Release Date: Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The attached compressed file provides the basic components and documentation for configuring and running a FLEXlm based license server on a LINUX x64 system. This version has been updated to support lmgrd 11.13 which contains critical security fixes. If you are currently using a UNIX based license service, you should update your existing components to these new ones. In order to run these utilities, the glibc and lsb-core packages should be installed. For CENTOS and OEL, you can use the following command as super-user:

yum -y install glibc.x686
yum -y install lsb

If the lsb components are missing, you will get an ELF error when invoking ShowHostID.

Testing was done on CentOS 7 and OEL 7 but the commands should run on any flavor of Linux 6 or greater.

For detailed information on running a UNIX based license server, or on the various command line options available, please refer to the included FLEXlmLicensing.pdf. All operations pertaining to configuring a license service should be performed by a Linux administrator with root authority.

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