Condor for Intergraph 2015

Version: 15 (v15.00.0000.00000, also includes - Condor 7.8.3)

Release Date: Friday, December 5, 2014

Condor for Intergraph 2015 is the full released product, and includes Condor 7.8.3 and Condor for Intergraph 2015. This optional download uses Condor, a free, open-source distributed-processing engine. It works with ERDAS IMAGINE 2015, IMAGINE Photogrammetry 2015, and ImageStation 2015. No license is required however, you can increase the number of processing nodes by purchasing ERDAS Engine 2015 licenses (link to ERDAS Engine product page).


Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Extended – You may already have this on your system.  If not, download it for free from the Microsoft website.

Intergraph Licensing 2015 – You may already have this on your system.  If not, download it from the website.

(Either prerequisite can be installed after installing Condor for Intergraph 2015.)

Highlights include:

  • Ideally suited for high-throughput computing; Condor for Intergraph 2015  adds the ability to distribute processing between networked systems. 
  • This download includes the option to install Condor 7.8.3 if not present.
  • Includes Intergraph Condor Configuration Utilities and ERDAS IMAGINE Network Installation.

No license is required.

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