Mobile MapWorks Essentials Advantage 2018

Version: 16.5.0

Release Date: Thursday, March 1, 2018

Mobile MapWorks Essentials and Mobile MapWorks Advantage are fully released products that consist of licensed, server-side services and a free client downloadable iOS, Android, and Windows application. Easy to configure, this client app enables you to directly see, edit, validate, and update your enterprise GIS data from the field in real-time.



  • Geospatial License Administrator 2018

Installation Instructions

To install Mobile MapWorks Essentials or Mobile MapWorks Advantage, complete the Download Registration form below.

Mobile MapWorks client application is available for free from the following stores: 


Mobile MapWorks Essentials (ready only):

  • App Store (iOS devices)
  • Google Play Store (Android devices)
  • Windows Store (Windows devices)

Mobile MapWorks Advantage:

  • App Store
  • Google Play Store
  • Windows Store


Selected Highlights

  • Graphical interface is customized for display on smaller screens, such as smartphones.
  • No zoom limits when using OpenStreetMap; backdrops let you magnify assets that are located within meters of each other.
  • Reference your GIS data against consumer Google Maps or Bing Maps.
  • Seamlessly work in areas with little or no connectivity.





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