Mobile Alert 2018

Version: 16.5.0000

Release Date: Thursday, March 1, 2018

Mobile Alert is available to citizens as a free downloadable iOS, Android or Windows Phone client app and to local governments and organizations as a subscription service. It provides crowd-sourced incident information to subscribing organizations such as local governments or utilities. It is available to citizens as a free iOS, Android or Windows Phone app that allows them to report issues as they are encountered. 


Highlights include:

  • Opt-in functionality engages citizens with their reported incidents. Subscribing organizations can update submitters with the status or request additional information on reported incidents.
  • Use Bing Maps to pinpoint observed incidents in hard-to-reach locations. 
  • Geospatial and Consumer portals allow subscribing organizations to perform geospatial analysis on their reported incidents, incorporating other available geospatial data.
  • Allow the Citizen to provide their contact information (e-mail and/or phone number for text messages), so that the subscribing organization can keep the citizen abreast of the status of their incidents reports.

No license is required.

The Mobile Alert client app is available for free from iTunes® , Google Play™ and Windows.

Mobile Alert for iOS

Mobile Alert for iOS

Mobile Alert for Android

Mobile Alert for Android

Mobile Alert for Windows Phone

Mobile Alert for Windows Phone

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