M App Enterprise 2016


Release Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2016

M.App Enterprise is an on-premise platform for creating geospatial apps for your organization. With this platform, you have the ability to deploy your own Smart M.Apps to solve your organization's business problems.  These apps provide answers and present information in a visual and compelling way. M.App Enterprise delivers a privately hosted Smart M.App solution for organizations that want to realize the value of a Smart M.App deployment, but stay within the confines of their enterprise or extended network. 
With M.App Enterprise, you can access Smart M.Apps from any device anywhere within your organization's network for real-time answers.

Highlights include:

  •  Build and share your own Smart M.Apps in your controlled environment.  
  •  Connect to any spatial data source to leverage your existing geospatial data.  
  •  Build portable applications and solutions, which are easy to extend or customize.

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