ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 v16.1 Cumulative Hotfix


Release Date: Friday, September 1, 2017

This cumulative hotfix provides:

Updated Sentinel-2 SAFE raster format support to read all currently known variants of Sentinel-2 Level 1C imagery delivered by ESA and USGS.

Support for DIMAP v2 "Projected" SPOT 6 and Pleiades products from Airbus

Gokturk-1 XML format fix for missing the first row and column data

Fix for APM crash in IMAGINE Photogrammetry and ORIMA when images don’t have pyramids layers/ and/or statistics.

Fix for ISAT importer failure when photos EO_parameters are missing but they have GIVEN_parameters.

Support for new variant of ZY satellite data, which uses *.RPB pattern as its RPC coefficient file name instead of previous *_rpc.txt pattern


Installation Instructions:

ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 v16.1 must already be installed and configured.

The provided Zip file contains several updated libraries. It is highly recommended that the existing files in your ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 v16.1 install be backed up first, such as by renaming them.

Once the files are backed up, unzip the new files into the IMAGINE_HOME path, restart ERDAS IMAGINE and then run File / Configuration / and reconfigure the following:

Reconfigure RasterFormats 
Reconfigure Photogrammetry block interfaces 
Reconfigure Geometric Methods.


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