ImageStation DTM for GeoMedia 2015

Version: 15.00.0000.00888

Release Date: Tuesday, June 16, 2015

ImageStation DTM for GeoMedia 2015 (ISDG) is the initial release of a new product in the ImageStation family which provides a set of tools for working in the GeoMedia environment and with ImageStation Stereo for GeoMedia (ISSG) to collect and edit terrain data in order to generate surface files for photogrammetric, mapping, and engineering workflows.  Together with GeoMedia and ISSG, ISDG provides an alternative to CAD-based workflows for feature and DTM collection and editing in a GIS environment.

This delivery also includes updated versions of ImageStation Stereo for GeoMedia 2015 and ImageStation Automatic Elevations 2015 for use with ISDG.


ImageStation DTM for GeoMedia 2015

  • GeoMedia Essentials, Advantage, or Professional 2015 tier
  • Recommended: GeoMedia Advantage or Professional 2015 tier, and ImageStation Stereo for GeoMedia 2015

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Note: If unzipping the download using WinZip; use version 9 or greater.

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