ImageStation 2018 Update 1

Version: 16.5 Update 1

Release Date: Wednesday, July 25, 2018

ImageStation 2018 Update 1 is a full release product installer that includes updated versions of ImageStation Photogrammetric Manager (ISPM), ImageStation Automatic Triangulation (ISAT), ImageStation Stereo for GeoMedia (ISSG), ImageStation OrthoPro (ISOP), and ImageStation PixelQue (ISPQ).


  • Uninstall existing version of application, if present
  • Install new version of application


ImageStation Photogrammetric Manager (ISPM)

  • None

ImageStation Automatic Triangulation (ISAT)

  • ISPM

ImageStation Stereo for GeoMedia (ISSG)

  • GeoMedia Advantage or Professional 2018

ImageStation OrthoPro (ISOP)

  • GeoMedia Essentials, Advantage, or Professional 2018

ImageStation PixelQue (ISPQ)

  • GeoMedia Essentials, Advantage, or Professional 2018. Update 1 required for new Burn Features command.

Selected Highlights

  • Support for the Stealth 3D Mouse Z-Type has been added to ImageStation Orientations and ImageStation Stereo for GeoMedia
  • A new Burn Features command has been added to ImageStation PixelQue that allows users to burn vector data, such as text, contours, etc., into raster images
  • Each MosaicPolygon feature that gets generated by ImageStation OrthoPro will now have two attributes that get populated when assigned input images: Source_File and Source_Date
  • Several fixes

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