ImageStation 2014

Version: 14 (v14.00.0000.00000)

Release Date: Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ImageStation 2014 is the full released product that includes downloads for the ImageStation 2014 family of products. The products and their software prerequisites are listed below.  ImageStation enables digital photogrammetry workflows, including project creation, orientation and triangulation, 3D feature collection and editing, digital terrain model (DTM) collection and editing, and orthophoto production using aerial and satellite imagery. ImageStation is specially designed for high-volume commercial photogrammetry and production mapping customers.

Intergraph License Administration Tool 2014 

Prerequisites by ImageStation Product:

Prerequisite - Bentley MicroStation V8i:
ImageStation Stereo Display 2014 – Enables the display and manipulation of stereo imagery.
ImageStation Feature Collection 2014 – Collect  2D or 3D feature geometry and attributes.
ImageStation DTM Collection 2014 – Interactively collect DTMs, elevation points, breaklines etc.

Prerequisite - GeoMedia 2014:
ImageStation Stereo for GeoMedia 2014 – Collect and update feature geometry and attributes.
ImageStation OrthoPro 2014 – A complete ortho production workflow; planning to assessment.
ImageStation PixelQue 2014 – Inspect and quality control images, edit and enhance ortho images.

No Prerequisite:
ImageStation DTMQue 2014 – Tools to boost elevation data collection, editing and surface generation.
ImageStation Automatic Elevations 2014 – Automatically extract DTMs from stereo imagery.
ImageStation Automatic Elevations - Extended 2014 – Performs pixel-level Semi-global Matching (SGM) plus feature-based correlation. 
ImageStation Photogrammetric Manager 2014 – Data management tools for a production workflow.

Prerequisite - ImageStation Photogrammetric Manager 2014:
ImageStation Automatic Triangulation 2014 – Conducts aerial triangulation for unlimited project size.

Prerequisite - ImageStation Automatic Triangulation 2014:
ImageStation Satellite Triangulation 2014 – Provides ephemeris data and sophisticated orbital models.

Highlights include:

  • Integration with GeoMedia streamlines the process of creating and/or updating your GIS using photogrammetric techniques.
  • Create dense point clouds, avoiding problems caused by illumination differences.
  • Dodging and Dehazing calibration applied automatically to the full resolution image.

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