Language Patch for GeoMedia 3D 2015

Version: 15.0 (v15.00.0000.00231)

Release Date: Thursday, March 5, 2015

Installing language packs for GeoMedia 3D 2015.

The delivery mechanism for language packs has changed since GeoMedia 2014.  The language packs have been separated from the primary delivery of GeoMedia 3D 2015.  The following lists the steps necessary for a successful installation of the GeoMedia 3D 2015 Language Packs.

  1. Complete the installation of language pack/s for GeoMedia Desktop.
  2. Install the English version of GeoMedia 3D 2015 (Build 15.00.0000.00186).
  3. Install the Language Patch for GeoMedia 3D 2015 (Build 15.00.0000.00231).
  4. Install the appropriate GeoMedia 3D 2015 Language Pack (one at a time, if more than one).
  5. Run the GeoMedia Configuration Wizard Utility to specify the language you wish to use.

GeoMedia Desktop 2015 (Build 15.00.0000.00725)
GeoMedia 3D 2015 (Build 15.00.0000.00186)
Language Patch for GeoMedia Desktop 2015 (Build 15.00.0000.00799)
GeoMedia Desktop 2015 Language Pack/s (language/s of interest)

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