I/Map Editor v6.1

Version: 6.1

Release Date: Sunday, June 3, 2012

I/Map Editor (I/ME) is an add-on component to GeoMedia Professional which provides tools to streamline the process to publish the graphic map and populate the database records associated with the elements of the I/CAD map. I/Map Editor leverages all the power of the GeoMedia platform including the ability to use GIS data from 3rd party systems as the source of map graphics for the Computer-Aided Dispatch System.

Once the product is downloaded, a run-time license is required. For those customers who purchased, a License Authentication Code (LAC) email was emailed to you and you will generate the run-time license at www.intergraph.com/sgi/license. You will need the LAC to login to generate the runtime licenses.
If you have not purchased the product and would like a 30 day evaluation license, please email sg&ilicensing@intergraph.com with your complete name, address, company name, email address and telephone number.

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