I/Incident Analyst Server 2015

Version: 15.0 (v15.00.0000.00008)

Release Date: Friday, October 30, 2015

Incident Analyst Server 2015 is the full release product that ships as a single installer. Incident Analyst provides an intuitive, user-friendly environment for analyzing incident locations by using both temporal and positional characteristics. The resultant analysis allow decision makers to target areas to effectively deploy resources and create intelligence products that detect spatial patterns to aid tactical analysis. The mapping approaches and analytics used within Incident Analyst allow Law Enforcement Agencies, Utilities Companies, or Transportation Departments to analyze events such as Crimes, Response Times, Power Outage Locations, Accident Locations, or Traffic Flow. Other industry segments will find that, with Incident Analyst, they can connect to any ODBC data source, or use any combination of GeoMedia connections as input and, in turn, easily create a wide array of information reports.

GeoMedia Desktop 2015 - Advantage or Professional tier


  • Discern spatial patterns and thereby allow for a better understanding of where incidents occur with abnormal frequency and correlate these locations with factors such as time, offense, and other statistics
  • Prioritize response based upon conditions within administrative boundaries.
  • Determine if deployment of additional resources or tactics have had a positive or negative impact.
  • Identify emerging “hot” areas and predict where problems are likely to occur.
  •  Discover areas at higher risk to specific types of incidents.

Once the product is downloaded, a run-time license is required. For information on licensing, please click here.

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