GeoMedia Viewer 2018 Update 1


Release Date: Wednesday, July 11, 2018


  • GeoMedia Viewer 2018 v16.5.0.1109

Install Instructions

  1. Exit all GeoMedia applications.
  2. Ensure that GeoMedia Viewer 2018 v16.5.0.1109 is installed.
  3. Extract the .zip file to some temporary folder location.
  4. Do one of the following:
  5. Right-click on Update.exe and use the “Run as Administrator” option.
  6. From an Administrator command prompt run “Update.exe /S /v/qn” for silent mode execution.

After installation, run the GeoMedia Viewer Configuration Wizard utility.


This GeoMedia Viewer release is an incremental install on top of the full install of GeoMedia Viewer 2018.


Selected Highlights

  • Support for the Earth Gravitational Model (EGM2008) vertical datum
  • Support for Oracle 12c unified auditing
  • Improved performance for some aspects of feature caching, especially queries
  • Support for Bing Maps v8 through the Bing Maps command
  • Improvements and widened support for the GeoPackage data server, including improved interoperability with Mobile MapWorks
  • Improvements for the WFS data server

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