GeoMedia Transportation Manager 2014 v14.2 MR Patch

Version: 14.2 (v14.00.0002.00038)

Release Date: Tuesday, September 22, 2015

GeoMedia Transportation Manager 2014 v14.2 Maintenance Release Patch v14.00.0002.00038 is cumulative and includes all fixes released in previous engineering patches. This patch includes fixes for the following CRs:

  • CR 1-DUVQ4U / MO 1-DW4CJL - LRS Conflation not updating Key fields properly.
  • CR 1-DOFSA3  / MO 1-DPMPQO – LRS Conflation Not Properly Updating Specific LRM Segment.
  • CR 1-DUU0FX / MO 1-DUUDPX - LRS Conflation producing two geometries for the same link.
  • CR 1-DOFSQN / MO 1-DPMQ6B and CR 1-DOFSQN / MO 1-DPMQ6B – LRM Segment not being created.
  • CR 1-DJOZQC / MO 1-DK6I21 – Create Conflation Links can lead to gaps in LRM when short links are evaluated against long links.

GeoMedia Transportation Manager 2014 v14.2  or later
GeoMedia Desktop 2014 v14.2 MR Patch

Extract the contents of the file to a local folder.  Then right click on setup.exe and select “Run as administrator”. Use the Update option for 14.00.0002.00038 to install the fixes.

A GeoMedia Transportation Manager 2014 run-time license is required. For information on licensing, please click here

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