GeoMedia Motion Video Analyst Professional 2015 SP1

Version: 15 SP1 (v15.00.0000.01004)

Release Date: Tuesday, March 24, 2015

This Service Pack is the full released product.  To evaluate the product, please request an evaluation license from your sales representative or channel partner.

GeoMedia Desktop 2015 (Essentials, Advantage, or Professional tier)
If installed, uninstall previous versions (including GeoMedia Motion Video Analyst Professional 2015)  

Optional Installations:

TerraShare and Oracle, or SQL Server for video warehousing, clipmarking, and registration functions
Catalina Ground Station to receive live video

Highlights include:

This Service Pack includes the following modifications to the 15.0 release:

  • Support for Catalina Video Server 3.3 has been added. Support for Catalina 3.1 is still available in this version. Support for Catalina 2.1 is dropped in this version.
  • Elevation to Raster utility has been made compatible with GeoMedia 15.0 and rebranded to Hexagon Geospatial
  • TSADI Motion Video Ingest applet has been made compatible with MVA 15.0 and rebranded to Hexagon Geospatial
  • Fixes for:
    • CR 1-AR1ECN - Bar and pie charts fail to display in GM Pro if MVA is installed
    • CR 1-8UKSGG - Toggle from 3D map window to 2D map window locks view and am unable to zoom/pan
    • CR 1-A3RTYD - ISSG crashes while exiting GeoMedia with Stereo loaded if MVA is installed

Once the product is installed, a run-time license is required. For information on licensing, please click here.

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