GeoMedia Mapping Manager 2016

Version: 16(v16.00.0000.00044)

Release Date: Monday, September 19, 2016

GeoMedia® Mapping Manager is a bundle that combines the capability of GeoMedia Feature Cartographer and GeoMedia Map Publisher.

GeoMedia Feature Cartographer provides map producers with the tools to quickly generate accurate hard-copy maps and charts. GeoMedia Feature Cartographer accelerates standard map production workflow steps to facilitate faster response times to meet mission needs for maps on demand.

GeoMedia Map Publisher is a cartographic publishing tool that provides national, regional, and military mapping agencies with enhanced cartographic capabilities and high levels of automation for production of their map series products and ad hoc hard copy maps. State Departments of Transportation (DOTs) can also use GeoMedia Map Publisher to produce their state maps.

Intergraph Licensing 2016

GeoMedia Desktop 2016 (Professional tier)

Highlights include:

  • Now compatible with Windows 10
  • Updates to resolve submitted bugs
  • Feature Cartographer
    • Sub-template horizontal spacing
    • Additional declination diagram for dual UTM zones
    • Grid scripts for grid ladders in dual UTM zones
    • Smooth input DEM without additional processes
    • Scaling of static sub-templates in batch
    • Map Publisher
      • Now supports SQL Server Spatial databases



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