GeoMedia Mapping Manager 2015

Version: 15.0 (v15.00.0000.00248)

Release Date: Friday, February 13, 2015

GeoMedia Mapping Manager 2015 provides tools for local, regional, national, and multinational agencies to meet the demands of hard copy map production for transportation, defense, intelligence, security, and emergency response. This bundle contains two separate products: GeoMedia Map Publisher and GeoMedia Feature Cartographer. GeoMedia Map Publisher offers enhanced cartographic capabilities for producing high-quality maps. GeoMedia Feature Cartographer workflow's support the production of hardcopy products such as Topographic Line Maps, and Joint Operations Graphics Air. Feature Cartographer also generates contours and spot heights and map elements including; scale bars, slope guides, and conversion charts.

GeoMedia Desktop 2015 (Professional tier)

 Highlights include:
     GeoMedia Map Publisher:

  • Allows individual edits on features in a feature class and conflict detection and resolution.
  • Create smaller scale map products from large scale source data using generalization tools to aggregate areas and extend boundaries.
  • Edit source geospatial data, for cartographic representation, while retaining the original state of the source data with the creation of a separate cartographic database. 
  • Automated revision workflow.

      GeoMedia Feature Cartographer:

  • Produce hardcopy products with workflows for: TLM (Topographic Line Map) 1:50,000, JOG-A (Joint Operations Graphics Air) 1:250,000, MDG (MGCP Derived Graphics) 1:50,000, and TDS_L (Topographic Data Store - Local) 1:50,000.
  • Provides commands for producing cartographic quality contours, spot heights, hill shading, tint bands, and maximum elevation figures (MEF's). 
  • Marginalia templates are provided to produce all required components of marginalia, including cartographic grids and graticules, elevation guide boxes, adjoining sheets diagram, elevation guide box,  legends, slope guides, and declination diagrams.
  • Includes GeoMedia symbol libraries conforming to the latest International Cartographic specifications.

Once the product is installed, a run-time GeoMedia Mapping Manager 2015 license is required. For information on licensing, please click here.

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