GeoMedia GI Toolkit 2016 EP01

Version: 16.00.0000.00069

Release Date: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Instructions to install this patch release:
1. Exit all GeoMedia applications.
2. Ensure that the GeoMedia GI Toolkit 2016 v16 (16.00.0000.00043) or later is installed.
3. Ensure that GeoMedia Desktop 2016 v16.0 (16.00.0000. 01405) or later is installed.
4. Extract the .zip file to some temporary folder location.
5. Right-click on Update.exe and use the “Run as Administrator” option.
6. After the patch loads, run the GeoMedia Configuration Wizard to complete the installation.

• GeoMedia Desktop 16.0 (16.00.0000. 01405or later)
• GeoMedia GI Toolkit 2016 v16 (16.00.0000.00043) or later
• .NET Framework 4.5.1 Full Profile

Once the product is downloaded, a run-time license is required.

Fixes include:
•Exporting the MGCP 4.1 srs to Oracle DDL from the 2015 GIPS Data Pack
creates an ‘Invalid use of NULL AddAttributes 94’ error.
•Can't Import DDL out of supplied SRS using SQLPLUS.
•In SRS Points Symbols display error "Invalid Symbol Type" when edited
in SRS File - Tab SymbolSets.
•2016 GM GI Toolkit Rules Based Symbolization with MGCP 4x.srs results in
error message ‘Unable to locate the referenced SRS library’.
•GI Toolkit SRS PickList Table command creates incorrect picklists values
when run with user supplied .srs

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