GeoMedia Feature Cartographer 2018 Update 1


Release Date: Friday, June 14, 2019

This is an Update for the Feature Cartographer product component of the GeoMedia Mapping Manager product bundle.


Instructions to install this update: 

1. Exit all GeoMedia applications.
2. Ensure that GeoMedia Desktop 2018 v16.5.0.1109 or later is installed.
3. Ensure that the GeoMedia Feature Cartographer (v16.5.0.84) component of GeoMedia Mapping Manager 2018 (v16.5.0) or later is installed.

4. Extract the .zip file to some temporary folder location.
5. Right-click on Update.exe and use the "Run as Administrator" option.

6.After installation, run the GeoMedia Desktop Configuration Wizard utility to select the GeoMedia Professional tier which is required by GeoMedia Feature Cartographer.



  • GeoMedia Desktop 2018 v16.5.0.1109 or later
  • GeoMedia Map Publisher (v16.5.0.84) component of GeoMedia Mapping Manager 2018 (v16.5.0) or later


Once the product is downloaded, a run-time license is required.


Fixes include:

  • Resolved a licensing problem.
  • Resolved a problem affecting the data pack release.



  • Licensing information

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