GeoMedia Desktop 2018 Update 2


Release Date: Thursday, November 1, 2018

This is an update for all three tiers of GeoMedia Desktop 2018 - Essentials, Advantage and Professional.  It contains fixes and new features.

GeoMedia Desktop 2018 Update 2 is an incremental install on top of the full install of GeoMedia Desktop 2018 or the incremental install of GeoMedia Desktop 2018 Update 1.

For full details on the new features and issues resolved, refer to the Release Guide available from the Setup Manager prior to installation, or the Start menu after installation.


  • GeoMedia Desktop 2018 version (original release) or (Update 1)



  1. Exit all GeoMedia applications.
  2. Ensure that GeoMedia Desktop 2018 version or is installed.
  3. Extract the .zip file to some temporary folder location.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Right-click on Update.exe and use the "Run as Administrator" option.
    • From an Administrator command prompt run "Update.exe /S /v/qn" for silent mode execution.
  5. After installation, run the GeoMedia Desktop Configuration Wizard utility.


Selected Highlights

  • Additional feature analysis operators in Spatial Modeler including operators equivalent to:
    • Join (Join Features operator)
    • Union (Union Features operator)
    • Aggregation (Summarize Related Features operator)
    • Buffer Zone (Create Buffer Zone and Create Buffer Ring operators)
  • Improvements in PostGIS support
    • Support for schemas other than "public"
    • Companion GDO geometry fields are now optional
    • Optimized output of geometry collections
  • Optimized output of geometry collections in GeoPackage
  • New read-write WFS-T data server
  • Additional dynamic behaviors for the layout window legend
  • Improved performance and usability of the Configuration Wizard
  • Improved presentation of licensing information in the splash screen and About command
  • Availability of the About command directly from the ribbon
  • Support for the Ausgeoid2020 vertical transformation

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