GeoMedia Desktop 2014 v14.2 MR Patch

Version: 14.2 (v14.00.0002.00162)

Release Date: Friday, September 18, 2015

GeoMedia Desktop 2014 v14.2 Maintenance Release Patch includes the following updates for GeoMedia Desktop 2014 v14.2.

  •  CR 1-9MKS1M / MO 1-BT735U - 'Simplify Geometry' and 'Smooth Geometry' commands are not working if the Cultureinfo of  a custom command got changed.
  • CR 1-BUFX89 / MO 1-BUNDEZ - MicroStation V8 cell text when rotated past 180 degrees displays with incorrect location.
  • CR 1-BY9RF2 / MO 1-BYA5KQ - Some text from DGN is displaying in the incorrect location.
  • CR 1-C733QP / MO 1-C8O74X - Using ExportToGMLService with a recordset based off UnionPipe causes memory leaks.

GeoMedia Desktop 2014 v14.2 (v14.00.0002.00088) or later

Extract the contents of the file to a local folder.  Then right click on setup.exe and select “Run as administrator”.

If an uninstall of this patch is required it is recommended that you re-run setup.exe and select the Remove action for version 14.00.0002.00162 from the Intergraph Setup Manager dialog.

Note: If you uninstall this patch using the Windows “Programs and Features” a control.dll error will occur when attempting to run GeoMedia Desktop 2014 v14.2.  To correct this issue select the Repair option, from the “Programs and Features” dialog, for GeoMedia Desktop 2014 v14.2.

A GeoMedia Desktop 2014 run-time license is required. For information on licensing, please click here.

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