GeoMedia Desktop 2014 v14.2

Version: 14.2 (v14.00.0002.00088)

Release Date: Friday, March 21, 2014

GeoMedia Desktop 2014 v14.2 is the full release product and ships as a single installer.  It is a powerful, flexible GIS management platform that lets you aggregate data from a variety of sources. If you have GeoMedia Desktop 2014 v14.0 installed you can upgrade directly to v14.2. If GeoMedia Desktop 2014 v14.1 is installed you must remove v14.1 before installing v14.2. If GeoMedia Desktop 2014 is currently not installed, you only need install v14.2.

After installation, using the configuration wizard, select one of three tiered packages; GeoMedia Essentials, GeoMedia Advantage or GeoMedia Professional, based on licensed product. 

Installers for the GeoMedia extensions and GeoMedia Objects 2014 v14.2 are included in this download.

Intergraph License Administration Tool 2014
Uninstall GeoMedia Desktop 2014 v14.1 (if installed)

Highlights include:

  • Updated versions of GeoMedia desktop for English and German.
  • Delivers an initial v14.0 release for Spanish, French, Japanese and Chinese.


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