GeoCompressor 2022 Update 1 Windows


Release Date: Tuesday, February 8, 2022

GeoCompressor 2022 (Windows), is a stand-alone data preparation tool to rapidly compress imagery data to ECW or JPEG 2000 file formats. This release extends this core capability to also cover a variety of user experience improvements, including regional localization support.

GeoCompressor 2022 also provides incremental performance improvements and bug fixes, valued by our Data Provider customers seeking to compress ever-growing project sizes on commodity hardware.


Install Instructions

  • Refer to the to the GeoCompressor User Guide.
  • GeoCompressor is available only as a full installer.
  • Major versions can be installed side by side with previous major versions.

Selected Highlights

  • Regional user interface localization support for select languages.
  • Core performance improvements of up to 30% for large mosaic projects.
  • Introduction of the new Hexagon HSPC point cloud format, including ability to mosaic point cloud files together.
  • New image project preview window to help visualize and QA mosaic projects of thousands of input files prior to processing.
  • New tasks
    1. to enable compress locally and direct upload to HxDR.
    2. to benchmark disk infrastructure which for large projects is almost always the bottleneck.

Update 1

  • GeoCompressor User Guide has been transitioned to online-only at the Hexagon Documentation Portal
  • The Image Compression preview map will now show the region defined to clarify expected image output
  • GeoCompressor will now automatically create a region defined by the geometry union of all inputs for imagery projects. This can vastly improve performance however the union aggregates the tile extents only, so for regions that might be partially intersecting a tile, manual digitization might still be required for best results.
  • The Image Mosaic user interface has been improved to report additional contextual information such as project width/height in pixels, total gigapixel count and active area size (in linear ground units). This will help to convey size of the project before the project has started.
  • Generating ECW v3 statistics is now reported back to the UI and is now a configurable option
  • HSPC Converter task now defaults to 20% system memory rather than the previous 10gb value
  • Mosaic to many outputs now creates unique Project XML tasks when attribute name is set to "Feature ID"
  • Improved accuracy resolving to EPSG project codes in certain circumstances
  • Fixed variety of edge cases handling WKT/Shapefile regions with advanced geometry types
  • Gigapixel license limits are now reported on project creation, rather than execution

See the user guide for more information.


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