GeoCompressor 2018 Windows

Version: 16.5

Release Date: Thursday, March 1, 2018

GeoCompressor 2018 (Windows), a full installer, is a stand-alone data preparation tool to rapidly compress imagery data to ECW or JPEG2000 file formats, and compress point cloud data to the streamable Hexagon Point Cloud (HPC) format.

This full installer includes:

  • GeoCompressor Essentials

  • GeoCompressor Advantage

  • GeoCompressor Professional



  • Geospatial Licensing 2018


Install Instructions

  • View the GeoCompressor User Guide


Selected Highlights 

  • Clipping and Resampling

  • Resampling of cell size to support pyramid creation or just smaller images

  • Clipping

  • Prior releases always forced the output image extents to match the input 

  • 2018 now supports clipping to a region, to support “cookie-cutting

  • One to Many Outputs

  • Region support has been extended from selecting only one region to optionally producing many outputs

  • Workflow: one mosaic input, one shapefile but with 20x features

  • With 2018, via the UI it can automatically create 20x outputs based on each feature geometry

  • Vast workflow improvement for many data providers who often need to produce many image outputs clipped to an administrative or other region

  • New GUI and XML options for JP2 output: progression order (RPCL, LRCP, RLCP), precinct and tile size, markers and quality layers 

  • New GUI and XML options for writing GML in JP2 and/or GeoJP2 georeference boxes 

  • Specify band-list setting in GUI for inputs

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