ERDAS ECW JP2/SDK v5.5 Update 2 Windows


Release Date: Friday, September 11, 2020

ERDAS ECW/JP2 SDK (Windows) Updatew 2 provides support for reading and writing ECW and JPEG2000 file formats in third-party applications. The product is licensed according to intended use – see Licensing in the ERDAS ECW JP2 SDK User Guide for more information. This installer contains all license types, including the free Desktop Read-only license.

Update 2 includes additional bug fixes and stability improvements.


  • Supported platform of the ECW/JP2 SDK

Install Instructions

Selected Highlights

  • Updated public GDAL driver to be compatible with 5.5 release and GDAL 3.1.
  • Shipped missing NCSIOStreamOptions.h header on Windows, OS X and iOS.
  • Updates to WASM decoder for RIA 2020.
  • Default block size for ECW v3 now 128x128.
  • NCSFileInfoReporter now reports block size.
  • Fixed local ECWP disk cache limit being ignored on non-Windows platforms.
  • Fixed issue with authentication and local ECWP disk cache.


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