ERDAS APOLLO Essentials 2020 Windows


Release Date: Monday, October 21, 2019

IMPORTANT:If multiple Hexagon Geospatial products are installed on the same server, it is required that every Platform Suite and Provider Suite product that is installed on the server must have the same release and patch version.

ERDAS APOLLO Essentials 2020 for Windows provides high-speed access to massive amounts of imagery and point clouds via high performance web delivery protocols. ERDAS APOLLO is the fastest, most efficient way to deliver geospatial imagery in terms of storage requirements, speed of delivery, and simple publishing workflow.  

New features added to version 2020, available in this installer, may require Advantage or Professional licensing. 

This full installer includes: 

  • ERDAS APOLLO Essentials 2020 (Windows) 


  • Geospatial Licensing Administrator 2020 

Install Instructions 

  • View the Installation Guide 

Selected Highlights  

  • Cloud Optimized ECW storage method for AWS S3 
  • TIFF Output format support from APOLLO Core service types 
  • Improved handling of sub-dataset raster formats such as Sentinel-2 
  • WebAssembly ECWP Browser decoder - Preview 
  • New Catalog Client – Preview 
  • Miscellaneous platform and performance improvements 


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