ERDAS APOLLO Essentials 2014 v14.01

Version: 14.01 (v14.00.0001.00211)

Release Date: Friday, April 18, 2014

ERDAS APOLLO Essentials 2014 v14.01 is the full released product.  It provides high-speed access to large volumes of imagery via numerous high performance access protocols. APOLLO Essentials is the fastest, most efficient way to delivery geospatial imagery.

Intergraph License Administration Tool 2014

Highlights include:

  • Improved GeoServices tiled configuration means custom tile matrix sets can now be assigned to integrate with non-standard Esri tiled services and the tiled format can now be changed to achieve better performance for GeoServices clients.
  • Improved clustering workflow. As part  of installation, APOLLO Essentials can add or create a new cluster using a centralized config datastore.
  • Vastly improved projection mapping for GeoTIFF and IMG HFA files to ensure higher accuracy mapping to EPSG codes.

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