Version: 16.00.0000.1104

Release Date: Thursday, February 9, 2017

ERDAS APOLLO Advantage/Professional 2016 Patch 02 contains a combined patch for all tiers of ERDAS APOLLO as well as the ERDAS APOLLO Data Manager. The ERDAS APOLLO Essentials/Advantage/Professional 2016 must already be installed and configured prior to installing this Update.

WARNING: If you are applying the patch to an original ERDAS APOLLO 2016 installation it should only be used to upgrade ERDAS APOLLO Essentials/Advantage/Professional 2016 version 16.00.0000.0023 and ERDAS APOLLO Data Manager version 16.00.0000.0013.  However, this patch can also be applied to ERDAS APOLLO Advantage/Professional 2016 Patch 01.

Standalone versions of ERDAS APOLLO Essentials 2016 should use the ERDAS APOLLO Essentials Patch 02 installer and not this combined version.

Use the Windows Programs and Features tool to verify these versions before installing the EP02 patches.

The ERDAS APOLLO Essentials/Advantage/Professional 2016 Patch 02 cannot be uninstalled.

Please read the installation instructions outlined in the APOLLO-16-EP2-README.txt file included in the download zip.


  • ERDAS APOLLO Essentials/Advantage/Professional 2016
  • Intergraph Licensing 2016 - optional (separate download, only needed if setting up a stand-alone license manager)


Highlights include:

  • Additional ISO Metadata standard updates
  • Several bug fixes (see APOLLO-16-EP2-README.txt for a list of issues resolved)


No license is required.

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