GeoMedia WebMap 2022 Update 1


Release Date: Thursday, August 11, 2022

GeoMedia WebMap is a server product for web-based visualization and analysis of geospatial data. It provides the formidable engine to easily create standards-compliant web services for sophisticated portrayal, real-time access and examination of customer’s data, all available through interactive web mapping applications. GeoMedia WebMap supports deployment of powerful solutions for worldwide sharing and using rich geospatial data.

GeoMedia WebMap 2022 Update 1 can only be installed on a machine with an existing GeoMedia WebMap 2022 installation.
Installing GeoMedia WebMap 2022 Update 1 will also upgrade components shared with GeoMedia Desktop, Geospatial Portal, Geospatial SDI and APOLLO.

Highlights includes:

  • Mobile Publisher enhancements dedicated for offline synchronization with GeoMedia WebMap Mobile app.
  • Google Maps integration in Geospatial Portal with Google Street View and Google Places Search introduced.
  • Group of smaller enhancements in Consumer Portal to enhanced UX for Feature Info, Session Shared Maps etc.
  • Filtering instances in Administration Console.

The update is delivered as a ZIP file. See the included Release Notes for detailed info about enhancements introduced.

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