GeoMedia WebMap 2022


Release Date: Thursday, October 21, 2021

GeoMedia WebMap 2022 is a server product for web-based visualization and analysis of geospatial data. It provides the formidable engine to easily create standards-compliant web services for sophisticated portrayal, real-time access and examination of customer’s data, all available through interactive web mapping applications. GeoMedia WebMap supports deployment of powerful solutions for worldwide sharing and using rich geospatial data.

This full installer includes:

  • All three tiers: GeoMedia WebMap Essentials, GeoMedia WebMap Advantage, or GeoMedia WebMap Professional

After installation, use the configuration wizard to select one of the three tiered packages (based on licensed product purchased).


  • Geospatial Licensing 2022

Installation Instructions

  • View the Installation Guide.

Selected Highlights

  • OGC conformance for Web Feature Service 2.0.
  • GeoMedia WebMap services follow the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE) Technical Guidance Requirements and are INSPIRE ready.
  • Extended capabilities of Mobile Publisher, with ability to handle multiple connections and map windows, new base maps (Bing Maps, Google Maps, Here Maps), picture styles, define Google Maps API and OpenCage Geocoding keys, dedicated settings for dashboard view and offline works, sorting and assigning zones, search configuration, tasks and works lifecycle monitoring and quick start guide for easy configuration of GeoMedia WebMap Mobile.
  • Redesigned and Refreshed Consumer Portal UI with window and panel layouts, new Map Composition switcher and several UX enhancements.
  • Introduced Google Maps with Google Street View and Google Places Search, as well as Base Maps, Scale Bar, Share Map and Coordinate Search in Geospatial Portal – Consumer.
  • Introduced High Contrast Mode and Font Size Change both in Geospatial Portal and Geospatial Portal – Consumer to adapt design to Web Accessibility Initiative.
  • Enhanced UX for switching Map Variants, auto adaptation to RTL languages, new print engine support, and the ability to clear workspace and to connect with secured WFSG services in Geospatial Portal.
  • Management of multiple instances and LUWS Search configuration in Administration Console.


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