PRO600 2014 for MicroStation V8i (Spanish version)

Version: 14 (14.00.0000.00000)

Release Date: Tuesday, December 17, 2013

PRO600 CART and PRO600 DTM are installed by a single PRO600 2014 installer but are licensed separately. They are add-ons to Bentley CAD and GIS products. ERDAS IMAGINE 2014 must also be installed but no ERDAS IMAGINE 2014 license is required. PRO600 CART enables 3D feature collection and editing in a Bentley environment, while PRO600 DTM provides a variety of tools for terrain modeling. Both PRO600 products use technology from our IMAGINE Photogrammetry product line, allowing CAD and GIS users to benefit from the robust, high-throughput capabilities that are trusted by mapping professionals worldwide.


  • MicroStation V8i 
  • ERDAS IMAGINE 2014 (does not need to be licensed)

Highlights include:

  • PRO600 CART provides extensive feature-coding and cartographic presentation tools.
  • Using PRO600 CART, you can display imagery in both the Bentley product viewers and IMAGINE Photogrammetry Stereo-based viewers.
  • PRO600 DTM allows the merging of MicroStation design file data into an IMAGINE Photogrammetry terrain dataset along with sophisticated breakline and polygon flattening features.

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