ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 Update 2


Release Date: Thursday, November 1, 2018

Update 2 for ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 primarily provides extended Machine Learning capabilities, especially in regard to improvements to the Machine Learning Layout for training, executing and reviewing machine learning projects and new Operators aimed at Object Detection.
In addition, there are new Operators, such as the Union Features operator, as well as numerous software quality improvements.

For full details on the new features and issues resolved, please refer to the Release Guide for ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 Update 2

No (additional) license is required if you already have ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 licensed.

 Selected Highlights

  • Tools for creating training chips and object footprints from ortho images for Deep Learning
  • Object Detection (Bounding-box) classifier for Deep Learning (requires the Spatial Modeler Deep Learning Expansion Pack)
  • Performance improvements on Machine / Deep Learning 
  • Point cloud ground classification operator
  • Several new Deep Learning and Feature Extraction operators
  • OSGM15 geoid model
  • New Zealand Vertical Datum 2016 (NZVD2016)
  • Support new KazEOSat-2 image format
  • Option to support opening raster data using Image Chain from the regular File Chooser
  • Additional tools work with raster displayed using Image Chain
  • FormoSat-5 sensor model
  • TripleSat RPC model
  • Critical customer-reported bug fixes and improvements

This Update installer includes:

  • ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 Update 2
  • Hexagon Geospatial Licensing 2018 v16.5.0.20


  • ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 or ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 Update 1
  • Hexagon Geospatial Licensing 2018 v16.5.0.11 (the version provided with the ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 installer) or higher should already be installed. It is strongly recommended that all ERDAS IMAGINE customers upgrade to Hexagon Geospatial Licensing 2018 v16.5.0.21 (or higher)
  • Hexagon Geospatial Licensing 2018 v16.5.0.20 is integrated into the ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 Update 2 installer. If ERDAS IMAGINE and Hexagon Geospatial Licensing 2018 are both installed on the same computer, installing Update 2 will also automatically update the Licensing to v16.5.0.20. However it is strongly recommended to upgrade to v16.5.0.21 to address late-breaking issues found with Licensing. If in doubt of the version currently installed, refer to Windows’ Add or Remove Programs utility to determine the currently installed version.

 Install Instructions

  • Download the .Zip file
  • Unzip the contents to a temporary location
  • Ensure that ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 is not currently running
  • Double-click the setup.exe
  • In the Hexagon Geospatial Setup Manager expand the ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 item and select ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 (64-bit)
  • Click the Update action and follow the install wizard instructions
  • Once complete (all Status items in the Setup Manager will have a green check mark) close the Setup Manager
  • Launch ERDAS IMAGINE 2018 as normal
  • Delete the temporary unzipped installer location (created in step 2)
  • It is is also recommended that you download and install the Spatial Modeler Deep Learning Expansion Pack to take advantage of advanced Machine Learning capabilities


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