ERDAS IMAGINE 2015 v15.1 (32-bit)

Version: 15.1 (v15.00.0000.00564)

Release Date: Monday, June 15, 2015

ERDAS IMAGINE 2015 v15.1 (32-bit) is an Update that adds features and enhancements to ERDAS IMAGINE 2015 (32-bit). ERDAS IMAGINE 2015 (32-bit) must already be installed. ERDAS IMAGINE supports point clouds, imaging radar, hyper spectral, vector data, and a wide range of imagery, formats, map coordinate systems, and sensor models. Extensive analytical and visualization capabilities plus a fully integrated photogrammetric option are provide as well as a next generation spatial modeling environment that includes a graphical editor and publishing to OGC Web Processing Services.

ERDAS IMAGINE 2015 (32-bit)

Highlights include:

  • WorldView-3 Sensor Attribute Files (.SAFs) and associated default band combinations for image display, including SWIR and Supercube products.
  • 26 new Indices have been added, primarily aimed at use with WorldView-3 imagery, but applicable to other sensors covering the appropriate wavelengths.
  • IMAGINE GeoPalette and IMAGINE RINAV have been extended to cover Landsat 8, WorldView-3 and SPOT 7 sensors.
  • Interferometric SAR processing has received several improvements.
  • Several exporters, including compression of Point Clouds to Hexagon Point Cloud (HPC) format, have been converted to 64-bit processes.

No additional licenses are required for this update. The existing v15 licenses will continue to unlock the software.

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