ImageStation 2016

Version: 16(v16.00.0000.00347)

Release Date: Tuesday, June 14, 2016

ImageStation 2016 is a full release product installer that includes all of the ImageStation 2016 family of products. The products and their software prerequisites are listed below.  ImageStation enables digital photogrammetry workflows, including project creation, orientation and triangulation, 3D feature collection and editing, digital terrain model (DTM) collection and editing, and orthophoto production and editing using aerial and satellite imagery. ImageStation is specially designed for high-volume commercial photogrammetry and production mapping customers.

All ImageStation products require Intergraph Licensing 2016.


ImageStation Photogrammetric Manager 2016 – Project creation and data management tools for photogrammetric production workflows.

  • Prerequisite: None


ImageStation Automatic Triangulation 2016 – Conducts fully automatic aerial triangulation for unlimited project size.

  • Prerequisite: ImageStation Photogrammetric Manager 2016


ImageStation Satellite Triangulation 2016 – Bundle adjustment of satellite imagery using ephemeris data and sophisticated orbital models.

  • Prerequisites: ImageStation Photogrammetric Manager 2016 and ImageStation Automatic Triangulation 2016


Feature Collection & Editing

ImageStation Stereo Display 2016 – Enables the display and manipulation of stereo imagery in a CAD environment.

  • Prerequisite: MicroStation V8i


ImageStation Feature Collection 2016 – Collect 2D or 3D feature geometry and attributes in a CAD environment.

  • Prerequisite: MicroStation V8i


ImageStation Stereo for GeoMedia 2016 – Collect and update feature geometry and attributes in a GIS environment.

  • Prerequisite: GeoMedia Advantage or Professional 2016


ImageStation Stereo Viewer for GeoMedia 2016 – Provides a subset of the full capabilities of ISSG for viewing stereo imagery and vectors without feature collection or editing.

  • Prerequisite: GeoMedia Essentials, Advantage, or Professional 2016


DTM Collection & Editing

ImageStation DTM Collection 2016 – Interactively collect DTMs, elevation points, breaklines, etc. in a CAD environment.

  • Prerequisite: MicroStation V8i


ImageStation DTM for GeoMedia 2016 – Collect and edit terrain data in a GIS environment.

  • Prerequisites: GeoMedia Essentials, Advantage, or Professional 2016 and SQL Server or SQL Server Express 2012 or 2014 x64


ImageStation Automatic Elevations 2016 – Automatically extract DTMs from stereo imagery using local or distributed (HTCondor) processing.

  • Prerequisite: None


ImageStation Automatic Elevations - Extended 2016 – Superset of ISAE which adds Dense Surface Model (DSM) point cloud and raster generation from aerial imagery using Semi-Global Matching (SGM).

  • Prerequisite: None


ImageStation DTMQue 2016 – Tools for DTM batch processing, format conversion, coordinate transformations, tiling, merging, and triangulation.

  • Prerequisite: None


Orthorectification & Mosaicking

ImageStation OrthoPro 2016 – A complete orthomosaic production workflow; from planning to assessment.

  • Prerequisite: GeoMedia Essentials, Advantage, or Professional 2016


ImageStation PixelQue 2016 – Inspect and quality control images, edit and enhance orthomosaics.

  • Prerequisite: GeoMedia Essentials, Advantage, or Professional 2016



ImageStation Image Formatter 2016 – Tool for efficient reformatting of images and applying LUTs using local or distributed (HTCondor) processing

  • Prerequisite: None


HTCondor for Hexagon Geospatial 2016 - Provides simplified installation and configuration of HTCondor, a free, open-source distributed processing engine from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

  • Prerequisite: None


Highlights include:

  • Still the highest throughput, highest volume, and most advanced end-to-end photogrammetric production solution with new 64-bit bundle adjustment in ImageStation Automatic Triangulation, 64-bit orthorectification in OrthoPro, 64-bit ImageStation Image Formatter, new blockwise processing option in ImageStation Automatic Elevations-Extended (ISAE-Ext), and much faster DTM merging in DTMQue.
  • Generate surface files more easily for all your photogrammetric, mapping, and engineering workflows with the new GIS-based ImageStation DTM for GeoMedia; use it with ImageStation Stereo for GeoMedia (ISSG) and ISAE to collect and edit terrain data to generate surface files.
  • Feature collection in stereo is even easier with improvements to GIS-based feature and DTM collection and editing in ISSG.
  • Expanded format support including support for WorldView-3 and GeoEye-1 in ImageStation Satellite Triangulation, new option in DTMQue to export LAS or LAZ file to Hexagon Point Cloud (HPC) format, and new option in ISAE-Ext to add coordinate system information to LAS files. Added support for JPEG 2000 format in ImageStation Photogrammetric Manager > IKONOS/GeoEye tools.
  • Works even better with ERDAS IMAGINE - Includes the 64-bit version of ERDAS Spatial Modeler run-time environment for IMG format support in 64-bit ImageStation products and components. Improved Export to ImageStation command in ERDAS IMAGINE for aerial BLK files. Export to RPC command in ERDAS IMAGINE now writes RPC.txt files which can be used instead of NITF files for satellite data import into ImageStation.


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