Incident Analyst 2016

Version: 16.0 (v16.00.0000.00029)

Release Date: Monday, September 19, 2016

Incident Analyst provides an intuitive, user-friendly mapping environment for analyzing and understanding any type of event-based information. You must download and install the GeoMedia Desktop 2016 product in order to install Incident Analyst 2016. The Incident Analyst 2016 installer includes the base Incident Analyst program and the Incident Analyst Server component. You must have GeoMedia Desktop running to activate Incident Analyst, once installed.


  • Intergraph Licensing 2016
  • GeoMedia Desktop 2016 (Advantage or Professional tier)

Highlights include:

  • Compatibility with GeoMedia Desktop 2016 (Advantage and Professional tiers) and the I/CAD 9.4 product family
  • Added support for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016
  • Added support for SQL Server 2016 and Oracle Server/Client 12c
  • Improved security by updating to use MSXML 6.0

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