GeoMedia Image Professional 2018


Release Date: Thursday, March 1, 2018

GeoMedia Image Professional provides advanced image processing capabilities for GeoMedia including rigorous on-the-fly reprojection, on-the-fly enhancements, band chooser, advanced image registration, registration grid, extract image chip, load CIB/CADRG images, save image, and more. GeoMedia Image Professional operates on images in GeoMedia map windows, and also includes the integrated high-performance electronic light table window.


  • GeoMedia Desktop 2018 (Essentials, Advantage, or Professional tier)

Install Instructions

  • View the Installation Guide.

Selected Highlights

  • Compatibility with GeoMedia Desktop 2018  
  • New activation-based licensing  
  • Software Fixes
  • Includes Image Light Table Plus 2018, which has the following enhancements:
  • New Radar/SAR Improvements
  • Logarithmic display option for DRA/Histogram tool window
  • Persist SAR metadata when saving to NITF
  • Sentinel-1 support
  • New Geo Accuracy Improvements
  • Common Sensor Model (CSM) support
  • Geography Markup Language (GML) support
  • NITF-embedded elevation data support
  • Display and Performance Improvements
  • Softcopy Image Processing Standard (SIPS) support
  • Enhanced platform/context-specific default display settings
  • Optional antialiasing during reduced resolution creation
  • Support for new Sharpen and TTC families and members
  • High resolution display improvements
  • New and Improved Data Formats
  • DIMAP V2 image tiling support
  • KOMPSAT-3 support
  • KOMPSAT-3A support
  • Sentinel-1 support
  • Usability
  • Apply DRA based on Regions of Interest
  • Ability to reset Don't Show Again warning dialogs
  • Explanded File Open Preview dialog image metadata
  • Optionally create reduced resolutions during save
  • NITF File and Image subheader metadata display


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