GeoMedia 3D 2020


Release Date: Monday, October 21, 2019

GeoMedia 3D is an add-on product to GeoMedia that enables a wide range of 3D capabilities including an environment where users can easily move between 2D and 3D environments while accessing the same data, symbology, and analyses or create new 3D representations. There are six degrees of navigational freedom when moving through 3D space. Environmental conditions such as rain, snow, fog, wind speed and direction, sky color, cloud coverage, sun and moon positions allow users to visualize these conditions in 3D. Also, users can display the spatial analytics from all GeoMedia warehouse connections in the 3D map window. 


  • A new product license is required for the 2020 release. Geospatial License Administrator 2020 is required for setting up a concurrent license server for concurrent licenses and is optional for activating node-locked licenses
  • GeoMedia Desktop 2020 (Essentials, Advantage, or Professional tier)

Install Instructions

    • Exit GeoMedia Desktop (if running)
    • Uninstall prior release of GeoMedia and GeoMedia 3D (if installed)
    • Install GeoMedia Desktop 2020 (if not installed)
    • Extract the .zip file to a temporary folder location
    • Double-click the Setup.exe file to launch the installer

    For complete installation instructions, click the ‘Installation Guide’ link on the ‘Hexagon Geospatial Setup Manager’ dialog that opens when you run Setup.

    Selected Highlights

      • Compatibility with GeoMedia Desktop 2020
      • Import 3D Objects command has been modified to accept new CityGML format files coming from Tridicon software
      • Added support for 4K monitors
      • Added a new Insert Threat Dome command
      • 3rd party software upgrades
      • Software fixes


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