GeoMedia 3D 2018


Release Date: Thursday, March 1, 2018

GeoMedia 3D enables GeoMedia users to work in a 3D environment, including:

  • 3D environment: Easily move between 2D and 3D environments and access the same data, symbology, and analyses or create new 3D representations.

  • 3D navigation: Six degrees of navigational freedom when moving through 3D space.

  • 3D visualization: Environmental condition settings such as rain, snow, fog, wind speed and direction, sky color, cloud coverage, sun and moon positions.

  • 3D analysis: Display the spatial analytics from all GeoMedia warehouse connections in the 3D map window. 



  • GeoMedia Desktop 2018 (Essentials, Advantage, or Professional tier)


Install Instructions

  • View the Installation Guide.


Selected Highlights

  • A First Person View navigation mode simulates a person’s walk through the 3D scene. It displays what a person would see when they are turning around, looking up or down, or walking straight ahead.

  • The Import 3D Objects command now lets you:

  • load and save (in user-definable XML files) the settings used for the command.

  • use alternate Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1) character encoding during model file parsing rather than the default UTF-8 encoding.

  • define the local origin latitude and longitude values when the embedded origin is missing from a Trimble SketchUp Model file.

  • The Insert HPC Footprints command lets you define the coordinate system when HPC files are missing this required information.



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