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ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 V16.1 for PeruSAT-1 Hotfix Patch 5/23/2017 1.0 MB
Hotfix provides both the ability to directly read PeruSAT-1 imagery in its native DIMAP v2 format and also to orthorectify the data using the RPC information provided with the data.
Sentinel-2 USGS Data Hotfix Patch 5/26/2017 1.0 MB
This hotfix provides updated Sentinel-2 SAFE raster format support to read all currently known variants of Sentinel-2 Level 1C imagery delivered by ESA and USGS.
ImageStation Raster Utilities 5.2.800 Full Product 8/6/2012 30.0 MB
ImageStation Raster Utilities 5.2.800. This is a full release product.
ERDAS Foundation 2016 Full Product 6/14/2016 1.4 GB
ERDAS® Foundation 2016 is a full pre-requisite installer that installs common-use large files and utilities. It is a prerequisite for most “ERDAS®” 2016 products and includes a copy of Intergraph Licensing 2016.
ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 (64-bit) Full Product 6/14/2016 2.3 GB
This is a full release product that includes all three tiers of ERDAS IMAGINE® (64-bit), IMAGINE Photogrammetry, ERDAS® ER Mapper, and most associated add-ons. ERDAS® Foundation 2016 is a prerequisite.
ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 v16.1 (64-bit) Service Pack 10/21/2016 400.0 MB
ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 v16.1 updates all ERDAS IMAGINE® tiers and most associated add-ons. ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 must already be installed prior to installing this Update. Includes new add-on module IMAGINE SAR Feature, new features for Spatial Modeler, fixes.
XPro SGM support for ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 Full Product 6/14/2016 86.0 MB
This sample Semi Global Matching Derived Point Cloud dataset is stored in a LAS file format.
ORIMA 2016 Full Product 6/14/2016 284.0 MB
This is the installer for the ORIMA 2016 platform, which is an add-on to IMAGINE Photogrammetry and/or ImageStation. It requires an IMAGINE Photogrammetry or ImageStation product license.
Sentinel-2 Data Hotfix Patch 1/13/2017 1.0 MB
Sentinel-2 Data Hotfix
ORIMA 2016 Patch Patch 11/1/2016 1.0 MB
Hotfix repairs CAP-A failure with ORIMA DP-TE/GPS license.
ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 Geodatabase Support Full Product 6/14/2016 738.0 MB
This is the full released product, and includes ArcGIS Engine Runtime 10.1 and ERDAS IMAGINE Geodatabase Support 10.1. This download is not needed if ArcGIS is installed. ERDAS IMAGINE 2016 is a prerequisite.
HTCondor for Hexagon Geospatial 2016 Full Product 6/14/2016 200.0 MB
This is a full release product, and includes HTCondor 8.4.0 and HTCondor for Hexagon Geospatial 2016. Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Extended is a prerequisite.
Spatial Modeler 2016 Python Examples Full Product 6/14/2016 11.0 MB
Example Python scripts and data for use with Spatial Modeler 2016.
GMTED2010 data for ERDAS IMAGINE Full Product 6/14/2016 1.5 GB
This is a 7.5 arc-second version of the Global Multi-resolution Terrain Elevation Data 2010 (GMTED2010) reformatted and further edited to meet the needs of ERDAS IMAGINE applications.
Intergraph License Administrator 2015 Full Product 6/8/2015 88.0 MB
Intergraph Licensing Administrator is a full release product that installs the license manager for Intergraph SG&I G/Technology products, 10.2 and higher.